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Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Alyssa Soebandono Ready to Leave the World of Entertainment

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Alyssa Soebandono
JAKARTA, TUESDAY - Determination of young soap opera star and model Alyssa Soebandono (17) strength was to continue studies abroad. Green light was coming from the girl's parents usually called Icha this. He was ready to leave the world of entertainment.
Glad to be supported by parents, Icha concentrate directly to the end of semester exams left now. "I now want the final exams of the semester, so I had to focus there. Moreover, the end of June this I would certainly go to Australia," explained Icha in Jakarta, Monday (11 / 5).
Mengeyam education in Australia it has become the ideal 1 Icha since grade school. Without lowered the quality of education in the country, also after consultation to teachers, he chose to explore the field of international relations there.
With that determination, Icha will leave the world of entertainment who has raised his name. "Say's yes dear, because from childhood I was all ngerintis.'s Sweetheart and really heavy," he added.
However, Icha not close the possibility that one day, coming home from Australia, he will return to fill the entertainment world. "Joey's pengen back for sure, but I have to adapt in the new environment and people in the country. I have serious there can let me go home," he said. "It'll be luck if I was offered a soap opera playing again," he added optimistically.

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