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Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Kejora dan Bintang

Kejora dan Bintang RCTI, the latest soap opera from RCTI. Indonesia artist who became arsenal: Alyssa Soebandono, Baim Wong, Rachel Amanda, Lucky Perdana
Well Alyssa Soebandono and Rachel Amanda who met and acting in Kejora dan Bintang. Sinetron RCTI latest in Doa dan Karunia replace.
Sinetron where it's about the struggle of a faithful Morning Star to keep his younger brother who is autistic and severely depressed since the death of her mother's eyewitness. Ironically, Ryan's father who played Lucky Alamsyah married his mother played yag Hanifa Cut Keke, a widow with a crazy treasure.
The conflict became more intense with the presence of top artists such as Baim Wong, Kevin Julio, Atiq Rahman, Mieke Wijaya who played the other characters support the story.
How the struggle Kejora, Bintang and Ryan lived his life? Watch it, Kejora dan Bintang each day, starting in RCTI.

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