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Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

From KDB Lovers

Greetings health enthusiasts always soap wherever you are, :-) Don't miss it! RCTI New Beginning Monday 14th December 2009 Every Day at 18:00 WIB. Okay, Let's Recognize Player Name (CAST) KDB:

    * Baim Wong as Erlangga
    * Alyssa Soebandono as Kejora
    * Amanda as a Bintang
    * Lucky as Prime Fitra
    * Eva Anindita as Janet
    * Cut Keke as Hanifa
    * Mieke Wijaya as Nyonya Gautama
    * Mathias Muchus as Ryan
    * Rio Reifan as Joel

Directed by: Erlanda Gunawan
Produced by: Leo Sutanto
Production: sinemart © 2009

Frequently asked questions blog-coments ™: "What is the title of the opening theme song (soundtrack) Kejora dan Bintang and who singer, whether creativity songs?"
Love Headlines Rindu 1 / 2 Mati, singer d'Masiv featuring Kevin Vierra, MUSICA STUDIO's production.

Here's Rindu Setengah Mati Soundtrack Kejora dan Bintang

Aku ingin engkau ada disini
menemaniku saat sepi
menemaniku saat gundah
berat hidup ini tanpa dirimu
ku hanya mencintai kamu
ku hanya memiliki kamu
aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
aku rindu setengah mati
meski tlah lama kita tak bertemu
ku slalu memimpikan kamu
ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu
aku rindu setengah mati kepadamu
sungguh ku ingin kau tahu
ku tak bisa hidup tanpamu
aku rindu…
Synopsis Kejora dan Bintang
Kejora (19 years) is a girl who has everything. beautiful, cheerful, always optimistic, and wealthy. Kejora study in Japan. Ryan her father a prominent businessman in Jakarta. Her mother had died. Kejora has a younger sister, Bintang (15 years) suffering crazy but very skilled piano playing. Ryan married Hanifa a widow again with a son named Janet.
One day, Kejora return to Jakarta. In air port, Erlangga bag exchanged with luggage, family grandmother grandson of Gautama the very wealthy but arrogant, spoiled, and hard head. Kejora don't know what that actually is Erlangga girlfriend Janet, gentlemen sister.. Kejora must confront the hubris and arrogant Erlangga because the trunk. Looks like they also mock the fate that they hated each other. Mr. Ryan actually is experiencing a major problem. Family companies was bankrupt, but he didn't say to his children.
Kejora actually already have a boyfriend is Joel, Joel has a younger brother named Fitra secretly admire Kejora.
One day, when looking for loan money, Ryan get criminal behavior. Beyond a doubt, marauder dead were killed in a fire and treated himself as carrying the goods. Ryan then realize, if he died, her family will get money Asuransi large enough. Ryan also decided to play possum. Kejora course is beaten by her father's death. After Ryan was dead, Kejora so often persevere with Hanifa, reached its peak Hanifa expel Kejora and Bintang home omission from their father.
Kejora and Bintang really suffering, plus more, so know Kejora outcast, Joel, beloved Kejora even just leave Kejora.
Kejora live with Bintang. She can successfully work in a cafe. But not complete disaster attact Kejora. When working, Bintang even disappear. Kejora very sad and feel guilty. She don't know that Bintang kidnapped Hanifa who work half-dead cover the fact that poor families have fallen, until he kidnaps and leaving Bintang in a village, so as not to leak confidential poverty.
Kejora half to death trying to find her sister. Her perseverance and struggle make Fitra compassion and increasingly falling in love. Search of her sister also brought changes in the relationship Kejora and Erlangga. Of mutual dislike, even so Erlangga commiserate on Kejora. Even falls in love.
How do I find the struggle of Kejora and Bintang? Then who will eventually be chosen by Kejora? Erlangga, arrogant person is loved by Janet? Fitra or the single and always ready to help them?

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