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Sabtu, 06 Februari 2010

Photography Tips for Beginners

Digital photography is fun, comfortable, and you can see your rewards faster labors. The film is not needed, do not send the film off to be developed, what could be easier? Before you run out and buy the most expensive digital camera highest megapixels and optical zoom you need to do research.
Digital cameras can be expensive so the first thing to consider is how you will use the new digital camera. If your primary use of digital photos is to send photos of your friends on Facebook or MySpace, you will not need the same digital camera that you have if you take pictures and get paid for it, like in a marriage. Most people fall into one of three categories using a digital camera:

Snapper - You must be a simple point and click digital camera that produces a reasonable image quality. Suitable for people who do not want to fuss and rarely print their photos.

Hobbyists - You may want to be creative sometimes a little. You can take some close-ups, etc. pictures night and tried to learn Photoshop. You print some pictures and wanted a quality 8 "x 10" prints.

Pro / Semi-pro - you want a camera that provides image quality, fast and adaptable to operate. You want to print a very good quality and strong construction.

Many Megapixels You Need way?
One way to determine how many megapixels you need is to determine what you might want to do after you take their picture. This graph is a guide to the number of megapixels you may need to get a good print quality from a variety of sizes:
- Megapixels: (MP)
- The quality of print until this size: Minimal 2MP
- 4 "x 6" Minimal 3MP
- 5 "x 7" Minimal 6MP
- 8 "x 10" Minimal 8MP
- 10 "x 12"

Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom
Most digital cameras have optical zoom and digital zoom. Optical zoom works like a zoom lens on the camera film; change the lens focal length and magnification as zoomed. The image quality remained high throughout the zoom range. Digital zoom just crops the image to a smaller size, then enlarges the cropped portion to fill the frame again. Digital zoom results in a significant loss of quality. You can do a similar job better if you do not use an image editing program like Photoshop. You can find free Photoshop download at

How to Get Great Digital Cameras for Less?
To save a little money, looking for a camera that has come out about a year. Style can also cost you more, if the quality is important to you, ignore the shiny model for the not so great force to take pictures. Stick with established brand camera manufacturers, digital cameras are made basically the same way as film cameras, but in digital photography, light falling into an image sensor and not in the movie. In other parts of the camera is basically the same. Unless you do not need special features for digital photography, do not pay for them. Once you get a new home a digital camera, start using it! Lucky, cheap digital cameras and memory that can be reused thousands of times. So go out and shoot some photos and you will soon find real skills.

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